Pros and Cons of Hydroponics

Along with the standard method of growing plants in soil, for example, in a vegetable garden, there is also another method of obtaining a crop - hydroponics. This method is more expensive than the traditional one and has its advantages and disadvantages. We have reviewed some of them for you.


Controlling the supply of nutrients to the plant

The hydroponic method involves feeding the plant root system with mineral elements contained in the nutrient solution. The composition and content of nutrients in the mixture is determined and regulated by yourself.

Water for the hydroponic system and its savings

Another advantage of the hydroponics is a significant reduction in the amount of water consumed. It is possible due to optimal irrigation of the plants, where all the water intended for irrigation is consumed by the plant. There are also no losses of water due to evaporation and irrigation of unused soil areas.

Macro and micro-elements and their savings

In addition to saving water, you will also save a lot on fertilisers, as hydroponically grown plants require less.

Viability of Hydroponic Plants

In the course of repeated scientific experiments, it has been proven that sprouts obtained from plants growing in hydroponic installations and subsequently planted in normal soil are showing better results in terms of survival than conventional plants.

No substrate waste

A long-known fact is the depletion of the soil after several harvests from the same site. Hydroponics looks impeccable in this respect too. The technology does not require significant soil renewal and is optimal for use in a small space.



No right for mistake

The main disadvantage of hydroponics lies in the significant risk in the preparation of nutrients. Due to the direct ingress of the solution into the root system of the plant, an error in the composition of the nutrient mixture can lead to an instant loss of the entire crop.

Temperature dependence

Hydroponic plants are very demanding on the ambient temperature. There are three main temperature boundaries in technology. Temperatures between 18 and 22 degrees ensure the best plant growth.

Hydroponics is a very effective method of growing plants. Regulation of the feeding process, control of the stages of biomass production, saving resources and a large volume of final products are the undoubted advantages of the technology. But, like any complex system, hydroponics requires a thoughtful approach, considerable experience and constant monitoring.